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Knut Aagaard aagaard [at]

Polar Science Center - Applied Physics Laboratory

University of Washington

206-543-8942 1013 NE 40th Street Seattle Washington 98105 United States Senior Systems Programmer N/A

High-latitude ocean circulation, shelf convection, boundary flows, shelf-basin exchange, the role of sea ice in ocean circulation, and cross-shelf transports and convective processes in large lakes.

physical oceanography

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Jo Aarseth jojorem [at]

Department of Arctic Biology

University of Tromsø

+47-7764-4871 Breivika Tromsø N/A N-9037 Norway N/A

Metabolism (indirect calorimetry), metabolism in blubber, body composition, RIA, blood volume in seals, gastrointestinal parameters in seals. Ph.D. project: Pineal glands in arctic seals.

marine mammals, physiology, endocrinology

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Endre Aas endre.aas [at] N/A


+47-5187-5528 Mekjarvik 12 Randaberg N/A N-4070 Norway researcher N/A

Oil related pollution monitoring

environmental assessment

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Øyvind Aas-Hansen oyvind.aas-hansen [at]

Department of Aquaculture

Norwegian Institute for Fisheries and Aquaculture Research

+47 77 62 92 02 PO Box 6122 Tromsø N/A N-9291 Norway N/A

Eco-physiological studies of anadromous arctic char (Salvelinus alpinus). Animal physiology (Atlantic cod - Gadus morhua, Atlantic salmon Salmo salar, reindeer - Rangifer tarandus)

animal physiology, ecophysiology, Arctic Char

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Peter Aastrup pja [at]


Aarhus University

+45 29 13 41 81 Frederiksborgvej 399 - PO Box 358 Roskilde N/A DK-4000 Denmark Senior Advisor, Ph.D. N/A

Muskox monitoring in Greenland. Revegetation in Greenland. Mapping of caribou ranges in Greenland.

muskox, environmental impact assessment, caribou

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Mark Abbott mabbott1 [at]

Department of Geology and Planetary Science

University of Pittsburgh

412-624-8780 SRCC 404 Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 15260 United States N/A

Paleohydrology of central Alaska. Varve chronologies from Ellesmere island.

sedimentology, paleolimnology, climate change

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Waleed Abdalati waleed.abdalati [at]

CIRES and Department of Geography

University of Colorado Boulder

303-492-8773 UCB 214 Boulder Colorado 80309 United States Director, Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences (CIRES) and Professor N/A

Remote sensing of ice sheets using airborne and spaceborne sensors (primarily include laser altimetry and passive microwave satellite data).

glaciology, remote sensing, climate change

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Frances Abele-Kinloch frances_abele [at]

School of Public Administration

Carleton University

613-520-2600 ext 2553 1125 Colonel By Drive Ottawa Ontario K1S 5B6 Canada Director and Associate Professor N/A

Political economy and public administration in the circumpolar north. Aboriginal self-government.

human behavior, Native governments, socio-economic impact assessment

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Michael Abels maabels [at]

Institute of Arctic Biology - Toolik Field Station

University of Alaska Fairbanks

907-474-5063 900 Yukon Drive Fairbanks Alaska 99775 United States Field Operations Supervisor

Michael Abels is field operations manager for the Institute of Arctic Biology. He has been affiliated with the institute for the past 40 years starting as a student science support technician, logistics assistant, assistant operations manager and field camp manager. Abels currently has management oversight for the Fairbanks Logistics Office, GIS Office, Toolik Field Station (TFS) and is a Co-Principal Investigator on the Toolik Base Funding Cooperative Agreement between UAF and the National Science Foundation which provides three million dollars of annual support. Abels was a lead author for the TFS facility development plan. He has served on the design teams for all major Toolik facility upgrades. Abels was presented with the University of Alaska Merit Award (1989)
and UAF Chancellor’s Medal Outstanding Leadership (1977).

Cold climate logistic support. Field site emergency management planning. Hazardous materials management. Toolik Field Station operations and management.

logistics, science management, hazardous materials management, field safety

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Jakob Abermann jakob.abermann [at] N/A +299-244431 PB 1003 Nuuk N/A 3900 Greenland Scientific Project Manager N/A

Interdisciplinary processes in the Arctic. Climate and freshwater hydrology monitoring. Climate-ecosystem feedback mechanisms. Transfer of science and knowledge to Arctic communities.

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Azmy Aboulazm azmy [at]

Fisheries and Marine Institute

Memorial University of Newfoundland

709-778-0529 St. John’s N/A A1B 3X5 Canada N/A

Ship design.

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Kenneth Abraham ken.abraham [at]

Wildlife Research and Development Section

Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources

705-755-1547 2140 East Bank Drive Peterborough Ontario K9J 7B8 Canada Wetlands Wildlife Scientist N/A

-Ecology and population biology of waterfowl and shorebirds and their habitats in James Bay and southern Hudson Bay. -Canada and Snow Goose demography and population management. -Bird populations in the lowlands of James Bay and southern Hudson Bay. -Impacts of geese on other species through wetland damage.

avian ecology, bird populations, wildlife management

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Niels Abrahamsen abraham [at]

Department of Earth Sciences - Geophysical Laboratory

University of Aarhus

+45-8942-4355 Finlandsgade 8 Aarhus N N/A DK-8200 Denmark Professor N/A

Tertiary paleomagnetism and magnetostratigraphy of volcanics in W-, E-, and N-Greenland. Precambrian paleomagnetism in W- and N-Greenland. Geomagnetism.

paleomagnetism, geophysics, plate tectonics

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Alexei Abramov aav [at]

Zoological Institute

Russian Academy of Sciences

+7-812328-0711 Laboratory of Mammals St. Petersburg N/A 199034 Russian Federation N/A

Paleontology. Taxonomy. Morphology and ecology of small Carnivora (including arctic species).

mammalogy, biosystematics, natural history

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Alla Abramovich-Gomon imqb100 [at] N/A

Earth Music Center of Indiana Inc.

317-876-9237 2129 Bechtel Road Indianapolis Indiana 46260 United States N/A

Musical cultures of the Russian Arctic. Nenets’ song tradition.

ethnomusicology, folklore, cultural anthropology

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Nataliya Abramson nataliya [at]

Zoological Institute

Russian Academy of Sciences

+7-812-3281-311 Universitetskaya nab 1 St. Petersburg N/A 199034 Russian Federation N/A

History of formation of rodent fauna of Palaearctic Arctic (systematics, zoogeography, phylogeny).

biosystematics, biostratigraphy, evolution

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Robert Ackerman ackermanr [at]


Washington State University

509-335-4426 PO Box 644910 Pullman Washington 99164 United States Professor Emeritus N/A

Prehistory of interior southwestern Alaska, c. 11,000 to present; Ethnoarchaeology; Early peopling of the New World; Prehistoric Siberian connections

archaeology, Eskimos, ethnoarchaeology

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Lillian Ackerman rackerma [at]

Department of Anthropology

Washington State University

509-335-4426 1 SE Stadium Way Pullman Washington 99164 United States N/A

Yup’ik Eskimo culture.

cultural anthropology, Yup'ik culture, social change

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Stephen Ackley stephen.ackley [at]

Snow and Ice Geophysics Lab, Geol.Sciences Dep


210 341 6556 One UTSA Circle San Antonio Texas 78249 United States V. Research Professor N/A

Electromagnetic properties of sea ice. Incorporation of sediments and biological material into sea ice. Ice growth and formation processes. Wave-ice interaction in marginal ice zones. Ice structure. Physical-biological and electromagnetic properties of sea ice.

air-sea-ice interactions, sea ice biota, cryospheric remote sensing

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David Ackley david.ackley [at] N/A

National Marine Fisheries Service

907-586-7010 PO Box 21668 Juneau Alaska 99802 United States Marine Fisheries Biometrician N/A

Analysis of survey and fisheries data in the Bering Sea and Gulf of Alaska with a geographical information system to determine spatial patterns in distributions and bycatch of various species including salmon and crab.

fisheries management, geographic information systems, biostatistics

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Mario Acquarone mario [at]

North Atlantic Marine Mammal Commission

+47-77687373 PO Box 6453 Tromsoe N/A N-9294 Norway N/A

I have worked on Line Transect Surveys of Cetaceans from the Mediterranean to the Arctic Pack Ice and satellite tracking of Cetaceans and Pinnipeds in Greenlandic and Canadian waters (where GIS were involved). At the time of writing (Jan 2003) I am finishing up my Ph.D. on Atlantic Walrus Physiological Ecology through Doubly Labelled Water and Satellite Telemetry.

marine mammals, physiological ecology, geographic information systems

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Jan Adamczewski jan.adamczewski [at]

Department of Renewable Resources

Government of Yukon

867-536-7365 Box 194 Watson Lake Yukon Territory Y0A 1C0 Canada Regional Biologist N/A

Forestry/wildlife interactions and conflicts. Woodland caribou habitat/development. Co-management with First Nations organizations and community groups. Management of wildlife harvests. Predator-prey studies and management.

caribou, muskox

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Phyllis Adams padams [at]

Forest Inventory and Analysis

U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Forest Service

503-808-2052 Pacific Northwest Research Station Portland Oregon 97205 United States N/A

Boreal forest ecology. Bonanza Creek Long-Term Ecological Monitoring.

landscape ecology, plant ecology, dendrochronology

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Layne Adams ladams [at]

Alaska Science Center

U.S. Geological Survey

907-786-7159 4210 University Drive Anchorage Alaska 99508 United States Research Wildlife Biologist N/A

population dynamics of caribou in Denali National Park and Preserve; population ecology of muskox in northwestern Alaska.

large mammal population dynamics and predator/prey relationships

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William Adams bill.adams [at] N/A

California State University-Channel Islands

805-437-8000 One University Drive Camarillo California 93012 United States Associate Professor N/A

archaeology, ethnoarchaeology, oral history

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